Decisions that matter

Merging creative perspective with strategic insights, Greener's mission is to create an agriculture brand that can interact with the farmer directly, honestly, and effectively.

When we started working on the communication and integral strategy of Ascenza (Rovensa Group, Partners group), we focused on the farmer's vision and needs. We conceptualized a campaign that integrated print, digital, out of home media, direct marketing, face-to-face events, and spots. The result was an aspirational and sincere experience.

You decide Ascenza

The claim aims to position the brand as the best balance between price, quality and efficiency.

Our strategy has been the thoughtful complement of a personal and strategic look at the agricultural market.

Product ads

We develop unique ads linked to each of the crops. Social media was the main channel of this communication campaign.

We develop guerrilla ads linked to each of the products that we communicate through social networks.

From Sapec to Ascenza

We produced a spot to tell simply and funnily the change of brand from Sapec to Ascenza. Running as a symbol of strength - nothing better than a farmer running to show how they never give up.

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