La Maquinista

We have organized the funniest race in Barcelona!

It is what it is: running is fun! 

Aren’t you already a runner? If you are not, feel free to come to the next race of La Maquinista, where the goal is just to have a good time. Every year we try to make a unique experience for runners, and of course, last time couldn't be any other way!  

The race was held in the Mall like usual, that time though, we made it with strong branding and an organization that included and approached to impact everyone. Greener has worked on the production, design strategy, artwork, communication, and each of the parts that let the race be built successfully.

Get to know the case by watching this video!

What have we done?

With different goals, people from all over the city have joined the race La Maquinista, willing to share what we believe is the most important: running while having a good time.

From Greener, we have produced the merchandising and dorsal for each runner, just like the organisation of the event itself: balloons production, artwork design, edition and print, and event communication.

We have partnered with Decathlon to help people to build a running routine until they perform the race. To do that, we have organised what we call “Running Club” - a training session once a week.

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