Feeding Imagination with Tostarica

At Greener, we also have the honor of working with the renowned cookie brand Tostarica.

We take care of assisting them with the integral management of their Instagram account, and what a challenge!

The primary objective was to ensure that Tostarica could effectively communicate all their initiatives, especially promoting the different licenses that appear on their delicious cookies each season. But we didn't stop at that; we also wanted to nurture the imagination of the little ones at home, keeping their passion for drawing and imagination alive.

So, every month, we roll up our sleeves and create impactful content to ignite the minds of any child (and some adults too). We immerse ourselves in the Tostarica universe and play with words, colors, and visual elements to create a unique experience in every post.

But we don't just limit ourselves to being creative; we also engage with the community. We pay attention to all the queries and needs that arise in the community, responding quickly and empathetically. We wanted to ensure that every follower feels like a part of the Tostarica family, and that their opinions are heard.

The result is astounding. Tostarica continues to increase its presence on Instagram and build loyalty with its audience. The little ones continue to dream and create, thanks to the magic of cookies.

A success story that proves that with a pinch of magic and some delicious cookies, great things can be achieved.