Panrico Sandwich League: The Champions League of Bread

We created a feast of content around the variety of Panrico products, showcasing all the delicious possibilities they offer for making incredible recipes. It was like kneading a universe of flavors and textures that left everyone craving for more.

Each product had its own recipe, and we pitted them against each other in an epic culinary championship. The excitement was in the air! But we didn't decide the winners, it was the followers of the account. Their comments and interactions were like the oven cooking up the best combinations.

After each round, we accumulated more and more interactions until we reached the winning recipe: "The Classic." A true delight that conquered everyone's taste buds!

But that's not all, we invited the audience to share their own recipes inspired by the winner. Their creations multiplied across social media, giving Panrico even more visibility. A successful gaming and UGC (User-Generated Content) strategy that will continue to evolve edition after edition.

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