Presenting Goliath Gel New: A Remarkable Rebranding Story!

We were presented with an exciting challenge: to rebrand and elevate Goliath Gel, a powerful anti-cockroach product, into a new and improved version. Our mission was to create a distinctive claim and captivating visual representation that would seamlessly integrate the legacy of its predecessor.

After careful consideration, we decided to shift the focus away from the insect itself and place it on the professionals behind the scenes. By highlighting their expertise and dedication, we aimed to convey a message of evolution and advancement. The result? "Same Power, Now Evolved"—a claim that perfectly encapsulates the upgraded nature of Goliath Gel New.

With this new branding direction in mind, we set out to create a teaser campaign for an international fair before the product launch. Our team designed a visually stunning graphic that showcased the evolution of Goliath Gel and built anticipation with the phrase, "The evolution continues: Next generation of Goliath Gel is coming in 2024".

This strategic approach allowed us to not only retain the brand's existing positioning but, also elevate it to new heights. By emphasizing the product's advancements and the expertise of the professionals involved, we created a narrative that instills confidence and trust in consumers.

Goliath Gel New represents a remarkable transformation, perfected through innovation and cutting-edge technology. It is more than just a product; it is a symbol of progress within the pest control industry.

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